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Does marketing have a place on the Kindle?

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So the big news today was the release of Amazon’s new Kindle reader. The Kindle DX. According to Business Week,

It features a 9.7-inch screen designed to make it easier to read electronic versions of newspapers, magazines, and educational textbooks.

But what about advertising? Business Week says, “the advertising industry speculated that it might contain space for digitized marketing messages…No mention of advertisers was made at the product’s launch.”

So how can advertisers tend to the Kindle, pardon the pun? Should they look at embedding ads into content, a la Google click ads? What are your thoughts?


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May 7, 2009 at 1:59 am

Apple and Video Ads

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This week, video ads were one medium we discussed in IMC 619. But are they effective?

When I’ve had a free second the past few days, I’ve been going to to check my NCAA Division I basketball championship bracket. There’s currently a video ad for the Apple iPhone Touch that forces you to watch the ad before you can click on the handy “My Bracket” link. Of course, I could avoid the ad by directly bookmarking my bracket page, but I’m lazy, much like most of the populance.


The ad’s annoying if you are in a hurry to see your bracket. It also runs slowly if your bandwidth is not up to par.

This isn’t the first time Apple has used video ads. A few months ago, the “PC” and “Mac” guys, aka John Hodgman and Justin Long, were featured in a video ad on the New York Times homepage.


Interestingly, television ads for the iPhone have featured the New York Times homepage as well. Have the two companies struck some sort of agreement?

Maria Russo, writing on the LA Times blog, calls the ad “a continuation of Apple’s history of designing Web ads that are literally out of the box– they don’t stay confined to the traditional online ad “cubes.”

Douglas MacMillan, writing in Business Week says, “Whatever form they take, online video ads are confusing for consumers. Can an ad be skipped, and what happens when you click on a banner or link—those are just some of the questions that leave Internet users scratching their heads.” MacMillan echoes my complaint as well: online viewers are more impatient than TV viewers.

This hasn’t stopped a proliferation in online video ads, however. According to the Wall Street Journal, “research firm eMarketer predicted that online video-ad spending by U.S. advertisers would grow 45% to $850 million in 2009.” There’s also no industry standard yet with regards to online video ads. Should they interfere with the site? Be optional to view? Be 15 or 30 seconds long?

What do you think?

Here’s the full Apple/New York Times video, which ran in September 2008, as well as the current ESPN iPhone ad. Thanks YouTube!

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March 21, 2009 at 10:18 pm