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Google burps, and the dominos fall

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The power of Google was never so clear as this week, when a server in Asia overloaded. According to Craig Labovitz of Arbor Networks, Google’s content represents 5% of ALL INTERNET traffic. Thus, a burp for Google is more like a growing roar.

We learned in my New Media class this week that Google makes money from paid placement and paid inclusion. But plenty of Web sites make money using Google as well. Thus, when traffic slows or is interrupted, the ability to measure hits and collect revenue is lost.

Larry Magid, over at CNet, wonders if Google has become, like many banks, “too big to fail.”

While it’s not in jeopardy of any financial collapse, this latest outage reminds us that it’s not invulnerable to being taken down by technical glitches or possibly even sabotage.

Google, Magid goes on to say, said the outage affected 14 percent of its customers alone, which translates into millions of people.

I’m not sure how much money was lost during this period, but I’m sure it was substantial. A longer lasting or more widespread outage, which is hardly out of the question, could have a severe economic impact.

Nielson Online recently found that more than 60% of all Web users use Google for search. I concur with Magid: Google has become an economic force that is becoming ever more integrated in the way we do business.

What does this mean for marketing? Not only do we need to make sure Google is part of our communications strategy, we must also provide diversify our new media strategy so it is not dependent on one technology or service alone. As companies whose entire sites depend on Google discovered, one small glitch in Asia can have a huge effect on their business.

Written by fsk50a

May 17, 2009 at 2:19 am

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