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Monetizing Twitter

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So a friend of mine retweeted a message from Red Eye’s twitter stream tonight. That sentence alone is so odd. I never would have thought I would be using “tweet” as a verb. Anyway, she sent me to this humorous site with a cartoon all about how to monetize Twitter.

At the end of the page is information about how businesses can use Twitter. It links to this site from Julio Ojeda-Zapata, a technology journalist. Ojeda-Zapata has written a book called “Twitter Means Business,” which “profiles businesses of all types and sizes that have learned to exploit Twitter in a variety of creative, effective ways.” According to Ojeda-Zapata, some firms that have Twitterized include Dell, Comcast, JetBlue, Whole Foods and Zappos.

I had no idea that these companies are on Twitter. So I went into my Twitter account to search for them. A search for Zappos brought up 52 results, including the CEO and COO. Unfortunately, their streams seem a bit more personal than businesslike. The top posts on the CEO’s stream, for example, discusses his meeting Ivana Trump. The Inside Zappo’s stream, however, is a lot more fun and links to the “Inside Zappo’s” blog. It makes Zappo’s look like a fun company to work for and makes me feel even more connected to the online shoe retailer. There’s also a Zappo’s Customer Service stream. How helpful! It seems whomever runs it is very responsive as well.

In short, it seems there’s a lot that businesses can do with Twitter, and a lot to learn as well. Like…keep the references to Ivanka to a minimum, maybe?

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March 24, 2009 at 11:03 pm

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